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8 Montessori bath toys that will make bath time a learning experience | My Baby My Star

Move over rubber duckies, there are new bath toys in town! Whether bath time is part of your nightly routine or you’re lucky enough to do it once a week, the time your child spends in the tub is a learning experience. Even the little ones are constantly learning, especially in mundane moments like bath time.

In her writings on child development, Dr. Maria Montessori the importance of self-directed and hands-on activities for learning, and what better place for this than the bathroom? Not only the type of toy is important, but also how it is introduced and presented. It helps limit the number of bath toys at one time, as fewer toys encourage deeper and more creative play – simply changing bath toys every few weeks will help keep her interested night after night. Creating a space for the child to store their own toys is also an added opportunity for independence, and there are plenty of tub storage options detached or that hanging on the tub.

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Below are eight Montessori bath toys you can use to make bath time an exciting part of your child’s day.


Just like many other Montessori materials you’ll come across, these seem almost too basic, but are one of the more versatile toys that can be used in the tub for years. The cups let you practice pouring, scooping and measuring – and you can add a few kitchen items like measuring spoons or a funnel to keep the possibilities for exploration growing.


This colorful and inviting toy lets your little one show off their creativity in the tub while learning about cause and effect. The pieces can be put together to form endless shapes for water to work its way through, allowing your child to explore for themselves why water can’t run up the pipes or why pieces can’t fit together in certain ways. You can buy additional Pipes, Gears and Tubes to make the challenge even bigger.


Normally, when choosing a Montessori material, you want it to be as natural as possible, but due to the nature of bath time, many toys must be made of plastic to avoid damage from repeated contact with water. If you choose plastic toys, choose realistic ones that will help the child understand and process the world around them. Animals that look very similar to reality also offer language opportunities!


A classic resource in a Montessori preschool classroom is the movable alphabet: a large box of letters that a child can use to write words and stories before they can use pen and paper. Being able to see and feel the shape of each letter instead of just seeing it on paper provides an opportunity for a deeper connection to letterforms. These foam numbers and letters are a great way to learn more about our alphabet and number system!


A water wheel is a great addition to bath time. This simple toy will help your child practice fine motor skills, learn cause and effect, and can be used in conjunction with other scooping and casting toys.


This STEM kit comes with a variety of things adaptable enough to use for years to come. With three different sized pitchers, spray bottles, measuring cups and spoons, and even a set of funnels, your little one will work on their fine motor skills while finding creative play opportunities.


This set includes five flutes so your child can experiment by listening to different musical notes. As you add more or less water to the flutes, they will play different notes. They can even “tune” the flutes by trying to get the water on the right line with precision. Instructions for playing simple songs are included with the flutes for older children. Who doesn’t love a little music while relaxing in the tub?


While not a bath toy, these peel and stick hooks allow your child some independence during bath time. They are perfect for hanging a small towel or washcloth at child’s height. To give your child even more opportunities to take control of their bath, it’s perfect for little hands to place small amounts of soap and shampoo in travel containers, and helps control the amount poured.

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