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17 neutral nursery ideas to bring out your baby's zen | My Baby My Star

You want your baby’s room to be a calm and soothing space, and one way to achieve that is to be sparing with color. However, neutral baby rooms are anything but boring; While they don’t have bold wallpaper or tons of bright hues, they tend to have layered textures, carefully placed objects, beautiful wall decor, and an overall sense of understated design. Sure, they can have white, beige, or pale green walls, but there’s always plush carpeting, interesting pops of color, and lovely furniture and art.

Decorating a neutral nursery is a lovely idea for any baby, but it can be especially appealing if you can’t figure out your baby’s gender, have twin girls/boys, or simply prefer a neutral, minimalist aesthetic. Both gender neutral and (color neutral) children’s rooms work well for both boys and girls, and you can always add different elements over time. Plus, neutral baby rooms look sophisticated, like an extension of your home.

If you get stuck designing your child’s room, think about the vibe of the rest of the house and try to bring elements of style into the child’s room while still maintaining a neutral space. For example, if your home is mid-century, you can pair wood furniture with a colorful rug and keep the walls light and bare. More traditional homes may use paneling in a muted color or more ornate rugs. Read on for neutral nursery ideas that will make your little one’s room your favorite room in the house.


A minimalist gallery wall

Add a retro feel to your child’s room by using a stunning metal crib and framed pictures to create a small gallery wall. This gender neutral nursery by @molliemakesitpretty has the perfect sage green color (Evergreen Fog by Sherwin Williams) and the layered rugs add interest and warmth. I like how toys and accessories are housed in a display case so you can see what you need, but it still feels neat and airy.


A neutral nursery with wood accents

A dark wood crib would look right at home in a mid-century child’s room like this one by @courtneyren. Soft textures and pretty, three-dimensional wall decor add interest to the space while keeping it light and calming. This room proves that a subtle wall color can look classy.


A children’s room with rainbow motifs

Never underestimate the calming power of pure white walls, especially when paired with light wood accents. This neutral nursery has a Scandinavian vibe, and instead of going big on pattern or color, it gets its coziness from soft textures like the plush rug, leather ottoman, and furry chair throw. The rainbow on canvas above the crib was actually a DIY by Almost Makes Perfect and you never have to worry about a heavy frame falling off.


A clean and modern nursery

This stunning nursery from Homey Oh My is sophisticated yet warm and cosy. The black and white nativity scene offers the best of both worlds while adding a geometric element to an otherwise very neutral space. Luxurious textures and abstract art (including the mobile) make this gender-neutral space modern and sophisticated, and a toy bin, plants, and sweeping curtains warm it up.


A neutral nursery that uses color

Neutral nurseries can still be bright and even colorful; The key is to stream it up with an accent color or two. Rattan accents and wood and orange accents keep this beautiful room by @narelle.dancey neutral yet playful. Layered rugs and curtains around the crib add texture and interest, and hanging baby clothes add color and texture.


A neutral nursery with butterfly accents

Just looking at this room feels serene. Here, overlapping walls and streamlined shelving look minimalist, and soft pops of color, like this sea foam-green dresser, keep the space from feeling sterile (the wall behind the crib is also papered in a subtle floral print). It’s hard to pick a favorite feature of this kid’s room designed by Elsie Larson and featured in A Beautiful Mess, but it could be the hanging egg chair or the cupboard that’s wallpapered inside.


A twin nursery in neutral colors

If you’re having twins, you can expect to spend a lot (actually just that much) time feeding them and rocking them in the nursery, so it’s good to keep it simple and quiet. This cute nursery by @charlay13 with art prints by @blossomandscript has lots of interesting textures like fluffy pillows, a macrame hanging, woven baskets and a knotted rug.


Subtle wallpaper

This cozy nursery by @insidenumbersixteen has a subtle woodland feel thanks to the subtle birch wallpaper. If the kid’s room already has fluffy carpeting, you can take that cozy texture and bring it into other elements of the room by adding a fluffy throw or a woolly rocker and lots of pillows.


Black and white nursery

Neutral doesn’t have to mean tan and beige; In fact, some of the chicest neutral nurseries rely on black and white. This stunning room by @theblackdoghome uses the classic colors mixed with green accents, including the bed sheet, plant and a dresser painted the perfect shade (you can swipe on Instagram to see this photo).


A demanding kindergarten

This baby room by @careyushome is just stunning. A metal bed is a timeless piece of furniture that feels both modern and vintage, and pops of color in the carpet and flowers are lovely touches that can change with the seasons. Here’s a good example of a more sophisticated piece of art that would work well in a child’s room.


A neutral nursery with wood accents

Bohs vibes abound in this cute nursery by @monaf0x. A creamy rug has a soft texture and little pops of color come from the fun tassel hanging tag and colorful sheets. Floating shelves are an effortless way to display trinkets, and the back of the door is an unexpected spot for a macrame hanging.


A neutral nursery with natural accents

Paneled walls add texture to this neutral nursery that works equally well for a boy or girl. Balls of wood add extra interest, and @allihavrilla says the cute card rug is Ruggable, which means it’s machine washable. The rocker looks comfortable and inviting, and recreating this style at home will make you thank you for choosing ottoman. The walls here are Ballet White by Benjamin Moore and shiplap is Simply White by Benjamin Moore.


A neutral children’s room with two-tone walls

The two-toned walls of white and sage add interest and give a similar feel to wallpaper without being cluttered or overwhelming. Hanging cascading lanterns replace a mobile for a dramatic effect that adds grandeur and focal point to this @donebydeer nursery. This crib is also super unique.


A children’s room with exposed closet

I love a baby’s room that exposes the closet so all these cute and tiny rompers are on display adding color, texture and overall cuteness. Designed by Little Crown Interior and photographed by David Casas, this room is packed with different fabrics and textures for a luxurious vibe achieved with minimal color.


white furniture

White children’s room furniture is not classic for nothing: it looks clean and soft and goes with everything. This beautiful nursery by @rebeccafaith_home is calm and welcoming. I like the little mobile and little textures like woven baskets and a wooden arcade.


Pale wood

Burnt orange paneling adds texture and focal point, while this cute baby room by @thismamaloveslife stays clean and understated with lots of minimalistic details. Light wood looks airy, especially against the layered white carpets, and a discreet nameplate and cute floating bookcase pull it all together. In addition, you can’t go wrong with an additional bed in the children’s room.


Baskets as item no

A nice way to add interest and contrast to a neutral nursery is to break up the color of the walls. In this nursery for two babies by @marlena_skarke, the transition is fluid thanks to paneling in a soothing sage green. Layered rugs and hanging wicker baskets add chic texture (and it’s super light, which is always a plus over a crib), and natural wood elements tie the space together.

Creating a neutral baby room doesn’t mean it will be boring or just beige. With the right mix of soothing shades, your little one will have a peaceful haven that you both will enjoy spending time in.

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