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The 22 best gift ideas for twin babies in 2022 | My Baby My Star


Can we all admit how hard it is to buy a baby shower gift? I mean, talk about the urge to outfit the new baby in designer clothes and sneakers and be done with it (guilty!). But honestly, expectant parents would probably prefer something a little more practical — especially if they’re having twins.

Now I know what you’re thinking: JJust buy two of everythingwhat you could definitely do. But the best gift ideas for twin babies highlight and ensure just how unique it is to have these bundles of joy. Though it’s basically “double the trouble,” twins share just about everything — from the womb to the nursery — in the early years of their lives. So before you spend all your money on literally two pairs of designer booties, look here for tons of thoughtful gift ideas for twins.

From multiple packs of bibs and binkies to a super slim twin stroller, below are 22 wonderful twin baby gifts that are just as adorable as these new bundles of joy.

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this book and rattle set

“We are twins” gift set.

Story time is everything! Start them off with this adorable memory book set about being twins (two cute stuffed animals included).


those sunny diapers

Set of 4 classic swaddles

If you don’t know what swaddling is, don’t worry; Just put these in the shopping cart because these twins will surely need them.


this milestone blanket

Personalized Woodland Twin Milestone Blanket

Just imagine all the adorable pictures this cute milestone blanket will make possible. Instagram doesn’t know what’s coming.


these jacquard knit socks

Printed socks set

The way babies go through socks is pretty incredible. Reach for multipacks like this nicely printed one.


this packable playpen

Pack ‘n Play® Playard with Twins bassinet

This playard is a must for twin babies. Not only is it super spacious for both babies, but it also comes with two separate bassinets so they can sleep well in their own space.


this punny onesie set

Twin baby matching onesies

lol This matching set makes a great gift, especially if you are expecting identical twins.


this cozy nest

Linen nest for twins

Instead of splurging for two separate nests, reach for this super cute 2-in-1 option.


this extra wide rocker

Hadley double rocking chair

A wider rocker is a must with twins. Parents will feel much more comfortable rocking both babies at the same time.


this nursing pillow

Supportive nursing pillow for twins

This highly rated nursing pillow makes it a little easier to breastfeed both babies at the same time!


these super cute pacifiers

4 Pack Assorted Try It Pacifier Set

The more pacifiers, the better! Get this four pack set.


Those cute one-pieces

Short-sleeved, neutral-colored unisex toddler bodysuit

You can never go wrong with a multipack of onesies. Grab a few of these sets to help build her wardrobe.


those knit toys

Double Rattle Gift Box

I mean just look at how Sweet these little boys are!


these burp cloths

Premium Burp Cloths

Obvi, twins need twice as many things as just one baby. So grab some of these multi-pack burp wipes to make a difference.


This animal blanket set

Yellow lion cuddle twin set

They’ll be the cutest little nap friends with this adorable gift set.


this fancy stroller

City Mini 2 twin stroller

If you’re trying to celebrate at the baby shower, treat yourself to this super slim double stroller.


this bib set

SuperBib® 3-Pack: Love, Minnie

Make them Disney lovers with this cute bib set that features functional pockets to catch crumbs.


this fun swing set

Double Hanging Baby Swing Set

Want to show up with a super cool gift? This double baby swing will be the highlight of your child’s room.


This cute gift basket

“A” and “B” Twins Gift Set

If you’re short on time, opt for a cute little gift basket like this one. Check out the adorable embroidered baby blankets too!


this big playmat

The Play Gym

Rather than buying separate baby mats, it’s best to have both babies play and learn together. This highly rated is more than large enough to comfortably fit both babies as they grow.


this indispensable carrier

Original baby carrier

If you want a beautiful and practical gift, then this is the one for you! You’ll never have to worry about handling both babies on the go again.


Diapers galore

penny package

Honestly, you should always Gift diapers at a baby shower. This adorable set includes four packs of diapers and two packs of wipes.


this feed set

4 Bottle Baby Starter Kit

Even if they don’t start bottle feeding for a while, giving them a varied bottle set will help a lot in the long run.

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