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25 babymoon ideas and planning tips for expectant parents | My Baby My Star

The honeymoon may be over, but if you are an expectant parent we have good news for you; There is another “Moon” milestone to look forward to as your family grows. Whether you are a first-time mom or dad or an experienced guardian, this precious moment before your family multiplies is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with yourself and your partner to strengthen your bond as a child-rearing team.

What is a baby moon?

A babymoon is a short trip or vacation taken by a couple just before the birth of a child. A babymoon is a great opportunity for any new parents or those who have already had children to reconnect with their partners before the baby arrives.

Wondering when to babymoon, how long to travel, and where to travel? We sat down with travel expert Henley Vazquez and Dr. Nicole Rankins to find out.

Meet the expert

  • Henley Vazquez is a mother of three and co-founder of Fora, a modern travel agency that capitalizes on the creator economy. Previously, Henley was part of the founding team of Indagare and was CEO and co-founder of Passported, a Virtuoso travel agency.
  • dr Nicole Rankins is a board-certified midwife, host of the All About Pregnancy & Birth podcast, and a member of the Lansinoh Clinical Advisory Network.

When to Take a Babymoon

In general, it is safe for pregnant women to travel domestically within the 36th week. However, if you’re looking for the best time to take a trip to get the most out of your prenatal getaway, Rankins shares that the second trimester (between 14 and 28 weeks) is usually the ideal place. “By this point, the nausea and vomiting that are common in early pregnancy have gone, you have more energy, and you haven’t progressed to the point where you’re uncomfortable.”

Rankins also notes that there are no “rules” about how far you can or should travel from home while pregnant, and you don’t necessarily need to have a doctor on call at your destination. “It’s a good idea to have a copy of your prenatal records with you, just in case,” she advises. “If you have any problems with your pregnancy, be sure to check with your doctor before you travel. I don’t think there’s a need to delve into local OB-GYN options unless you’re traveling abroad, but if it gives you peace of mind then by all means check it out.”

The current outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. As the situation continues to be in flux, we’ll be sharing tips and stories from industry experts to bring you up-to-the-minute advice and help with your wedding planning today. For the most up-to-date guidelines and the latest travel restrictions and requirements, visit the CDC and U.S. Department of State websites.

Average cost of a babymoon

As with any travel, costs vary widely depending on whether you’re driving or flying and how budget-friendly or high-end you want to travel. “The only expense I would ever budget for an expectant mother is a prenatal massage,” suggests Henley Vazquez, co-founder of travel agency Fora. “Especially if you’re planning that babymoon for a partner, this makes a wonderful (and usually under $200) gift to surprise her.”

Average length of stay for a babymoon

Although some couples choose longer trips, a babymoon is usually a shorter trip; about three to four nights. “[You’re] Often we celebrate this final escape together as a couple, while also setting up a nursery, finishing work before maternity/paternity leave, and accommodating the increasingly frequent doctor visits of late pregnancy,” says Vazquez. “This is a time for a relaxing journey …not for a long adventure.”

Babymoon planning and travel tips

Safety first.

While there are no guidelines as to how far you should travel and/or how long you should stay, Rankins wants all parents-to-be to be well-informed and ready to take any necessary safety precautions, recalling the problems with Zika in several more tropical years Destinations ahead and of course the waves of COVID-19 outbreaks that continue to peak around the world. Be sure to find out about the safety measures, vaccination requirements, and cleaning protocols of the places you intend to visit during your babymoon.

Know your goals and be goal oriented.

“A babymoon doesn’t have to be fancy,” says Rankins. “It can be as simple as sending the kids to the in-laws for the weekend or booking a suite in a nice hotel in town. The important part is to unplug and consciously enjoy the time together as a couple.”

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or your last chance to tick off a dream destination before baby arrives, remember that not all babymoons mean only the parents-to-be travel. “My babymoon for my third child was a family trip to Morocco,” says Vazquez. “I knew I wanted to hit a bucket list spot with the older kids before we got back [easier] Travel with a new baby for a while. Understanding the goals of the journey will help you devise the plan that will bring home a happy mom.”

For this reason, Vazquez recommends choosing a travel consultant who understands what you’re trying to achieve. If you’re looking for a spa-oriented babymoon, you want someone who knows the spa. If you’re looking for a family-friendly getaway where parents can still enjoy some free time, try working with someone who has experience planning a luxury family trip.

Don’t over plan.

Even if you aim to tick an activity or destination off the bucket list, Vazquez cautions against overdoing it and planning too much into your itinerary. “You’re going to be non-stop busy once the baby is here, so a babymoon is the time to put your feet up, read that book you were going to get to, eat (with two hands because soon you’ll be holding a baby with one all the time!), and pamper yourself.”

Prepare to fly smarter.

Vazquez’s final piece of advice for planning travel during pregnancy: “Consider the discomfort that comes with pregnancy.” Long flights or car journeys can worsen a variety of pregnancy-related symptoms. Think back pain, swollen feet and nausea. Always travel with water and snacks and when flying, opt for an aisle seat for easy access to the toilet and pack compression stockings to relieve ankle swelling.

Babymoon travel destination ideas

Now that you know what to expect (at least on the travel front), read on for 25 babymoon ideas.

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