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10 brilliant ways to organize baby clothes | My Baby My Star


Although baby clothes are incredibly cute, keeping them organized can be difficult – especially when they’re tiny and babies outgrow them quickly. If you don’t even know where to start when it comes to staying organized, don’t worry. There are many storage solutions and organizers on the market that will keep your baby’s nursery looking clean and cheerful. From clothes rack dividers with size tags to a jewelry box, we’ve rounded up some of the best ways you can organize baby clothes. Including even one of these makes the whole experience a little less stressful.

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Baby nursery closet dividers

Because babies quickly outgrow their clothes, the easiest way is to organize them by size in a closet with labeled dividers. This engraved wooden furniture will add a natural touch to any child’s closet.

To actually hang these tiny pieces of clothing, you need small hangers. Made from rattan, these would easily enhance any closet. But if you’re less concerned with their appearance, you can also buy plastic or metal plates with a non-slip surface that will get the job done.


Baby dresser with changing table

This combination chest of drawers and changing table means you can easily tuck your baby’s clothes right under the area where you need them most. This five-story cabinet features different sized drawers and two open shelves.

Low rattan baskets, like this honey brown one, are ideal for storing baby clothes. Roll them up and pack them up. Or consider making a stack or two of clothes in each one. Opt for baskets with cut-out trash can handles so you can easily move them around when needed.

No changing table is complete without a nappy rack – and nappies are technically part of a baby’s wardrobe. Place a few in this caddy so you can easily reach not only diapers but also wipes, lotion, toys and more when changing diapers.


Giraffe to hang on the wall

With this giraffe wall organizer you can increase the storage space on the back of the door or hang it on the wall as a decoration. Fill it with diapers, shoes, little sweatshirts, books and more.


48 Piece Nursery Storage Set

This budget-friendly set has everything you need to organize a child’s closet. It includes 30 velvet hangers, 12 narrow dividers, three small containers, two large containers with lids, and a six-shelf hanging organizer—all for just over $40.


Fabric drawer organizers

For easy maintenance of well-kept drawers, add some of these fabric organizers. They are available in taupe and white with a chevron print, or in a solid blue.


Deep plastic storage containers

If you’re not a fan of fabric or wicker organizers, try simple plastic storage bins. Store them on a dresser, in deep drawers, or on closet shelves. Attach your own labels for extra organization.


Ornament organizer box

With all its little compartments, a jewelry box is great for organizing baby’s clothes – especially when your little one is growing out of it and you want to tuck it away for safekeeping.

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