Indian makeup tutorial

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If you have a makeup that draws much attention is the Indian. Well-marked eyes with uniform and natural skin are the main aspects of this type of make. And if you also want to know how to accomplish it, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s an Indian makeup tutorial.

• Eyes are the main secret
Thick strokes made with pencil and eyeliner, both black, are the main secret of Indian makeup. They should be done with pencils both in the water line under the eye as well as in the eyelid.


The eyeliner should be used to pull a small, light line on both sides of the eye. This trait is responsible for bringing the sensation of stretching of the eyes, very common for Indian women. The shadows in the vast majority of cases are expendable. However, if you want a more elaborate and well-illuminated makeup, you can pass it in shades of pearl or gold on the eyelids.

• What about mascara? Use or not?
Yes! After applying the pencil and eyeliner, it is the turn of the mascara. It should be used both to lengthen and bend, especially to bring volume to the eyelashes.

• Skin care
To uniformize the face, the chosen base and powder tones should have a tan effect. However, be very careful not to overdo it – which may reflect both on a blurred and overly artificial face (which has nothing to do with the essence of Indian make-up).

Also, a few blush strokes are also recommended to enhance another unique feature of the Indian woman: her smile. The ideal is to bet on shades of brown or earth, leaving the red / pink to the side.

• And to close … What is the best lipstick?
Certainly one of the most amazing features in Indian makeup is that it simply does not demand lipstick. As well? That’s right: this is one of the only types of makes in which the lipstick is totally expendable.

But if you are part of the group of women who simply can not leave the house without their mouth painted, prefer a lighter tone, such as nude.

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